Teeth Whitening $65

Canadian Smile Clinic Teeth Whitening system Approved By Health Canada in 20 min see 2-5 Shades Lighter Teeth, Perfect to Boost Confidence, Getting a Crown or a veneer, get teeth whitened before that as your dentist will match the crown to put in with the existing shade and whitening teeth later will not whiten the crowns or veneers, Result last up to a year depending on a life style.
Recommended FULL 60 MIN treatment for Maximum Benefit.

Teeth whitening Don’ts.

Don’t do it if under 16 years of age, or pregnant or nursing , if you have loose teeth, loose fillings, cavities or gum disease then visit a dentist before teeth whitening treatment. Follow after treatment protocol to make result last. Dark teeth due to genetics, anti-biotic or tetracycline will see little improvement.