You need to know the pros and cons of permanent straightening Mississauga. Permanent straightening removes curls through chemical treatment. Hair stylists normally use product with sodium content to break down your hair’s keratin structure and make it more controllable. Keratin refers to the protein responsible for protecting epithelial cells against stress or damage. It is the main material that comprises the skin’s outer layer.


Permanent hair straightening services offered in any reputable hair salon Mississauga are the following:


  • Keratin Treatment
  • Thermal Reconditioning
  • Chemical Straightening
  • Hair Re-bonding Process


Straightening can be compared to permanent coloring. However, there are many factors to consider such as effects, appearance, probable damage, and costs. The whole procedure takes some time and can be very expensive so getting a discount helps.


There are possible side effects that you must be aware of before opting for permanent straightening Mississauga.


  • There could be combination of straight and wavy hair when it grows.
  • You need to repeat the procedure before the desired look is achieved.
  • It can lead to excessive dryness, itchy scalp, and dandruff.
  • Straightening damages the hair’s texture.
  • Natural luster is lost.
  • Hair falls and split ends appear.

In case you decide to go ahead, follow these post-care tips:


  • There are numerous products applied on your hair. Restore the physical condition of your tresses by consuming healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.
  • Use products recommended by specialists from the well-known hair salon Mississauga.
  • Do not scrub your hair with a towel.
  • Follow the recommendations of your stylist.


The smoothing (hair relaxing) treatment must be applied last. Your hairline is very delicate and easily broken since it is where baby hairs are found. Go to reputable salons since stylists will provide extensive consultation such as assessment of hair elasticity, texture, thickness, curling pattern, and overall health. They recommend the most soothing method.


There is certainly a formula for permanent straightening Mississauga that will work best for you. For your own welfare, stay away from salons that use outdated or broken tools that can burn your hair. Explain to the stylist your complete hair history so he or she can propose the most appropriate treatment.


There are various misconceptions that you should not even take into account. Your hair will not remain straight forever. It can curl a bit eventually or become straight but wiry. Therefore, it is necessary to style your tresses more regularly even as it requires less time compared to the past. In other words, your hair turns out to be more manageable.


Keep in mind and the thoughtful stylist from hair salon Mississauga should warn you that permanent straightening chemicals normally contain lye and strong chemicals capable of damaging your scalp. Lye is a potent alkaline solution (potassium hydroxide) used for washing. Incorrect uses of these products can produce severe burns. Follow directions on the label strictly if you go for DIY straightening which is not advisable. Seek professional help right away if you experience terrible reactions or discomfort.


Permanent Straightening System $450 & Up.

French Straightening System-chemical free for processed hair-lasts upto almost a year.​

Price based on Consultation