Hi Lites


Is hair hi-lites Mississauga suitable for you?


Fashionable women of today will always think of ways to make their hair look more gorgeous. One of the hottest trends in hair styling that ever hit this generation is the highlighting technique. It’s something from totally being blond to brown or something in between.


The procedure is considered an effective method of adding some glow in your tresses, restoring sparkle to otherwise dull hair or simply changing the shade of your hair. Simply put, Mississauga hi-lites promises to make your entire persona appear vivacious similar to Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, or some other Hollywood celebrity. The question is which hi-lite is the right one for you?


Highlighting is partly a coloring procedure by adding a different hue to some hair strands so your locks end up with more body, texture and matching streaks. It differs from dyeing since everything entails sectioning to pinpoint areas you want highlighted. This is meant to achieve a natural and rainbow appearance.


To have the desired Mississauga hi-lites, experienced hair stylists use paste that contains peroxide and bleaching compound. They apply this formula on your hair by means of special brush and foils or plastic to divide hair particular strands from the rest. Compared to permanent color, full or half-head hi-lite leaves the underside natural and the top dyed.


Hair hi-lites Mississauga can be the best option if you want to boost the color of your hair and preserve the ordinary color. This generates a warm and brown effect with sunlit strands that run through your hair. It’s also perfect for adding radiance on your face and brings wonders to your skin complexion. Expert hairdressers recommend highlights to be made before the summer months so the color will not change after getting exposed to sunlight.

There’s another technique called lowlights. This is the darkening of hair fibers utilizing hues darker than the natural colors. On the contrary, Mississauga hi-lites make use of tints lighter than normal shades.


What’s the basic similarity? Both processes produce understated results obtained through the addition of streaks. These are less extreme and cause lesser damage to the locks with the natural polish. Regardless of your hair type, there are no major issues in having Hair hi-lites Mississauga. It gives the impression of more body as well. Blond highlights are said to be more stylish although chocolate tones are also popular.
Ask your favorite hair stylist! There are numerous versions to play with. However, hi-lites do not really bode well for short or cropped hair. The effects of volume and depth will not be effective. The outcome could even look cluttered and incoherent. Likewise, refrain from going over the top with Mississauga hi-lites. The most logical is to have four top-ups every year. The bottom line is to avoid damaging your beautiful hair.


Will this be expensive? Consult your most trusted hairstylist and find out if there can be an inexpensive highlighting procedure that you can avail of.




Partial Foil Hi-lites $70.00 & up
Full Foil Hi-lites $99.00 & up
Cap Hilites $75.00
Ombre $95.00 & up
ADD Toning $25.00
Toxing $25.00 & up
Glossing $25.00 & up