Hair Care


Women need regular hair care. Healthy, glossy and beautiful hair will certainly leave a good and lasting impression. Efficient care also prevents serious damage that eventually results in hair loss. The use of over-the-counter shampoos and hair conditioners is not enough. You need the help of experts from hair salon Mississauga.


Have your hair trimmed regularly to prevent the tresses from having split ends. Splitting of hair produces an unwholesome look. This is the result of frequent combing and use of hairstyling implements. Professional hair stylists say hair should be cut every six to eight weeks. It is also necessary to buy the right kind of shampoo. Use mild formula if you are suffering from falling hair or anti-dandruff products to get rid of these white flakes. Pay attention to what experienced hairdressers from hair salon Mississauga will tell you. Otherwise, the wrong product can impair both your scalp and locks.


Repeated brushing of long tresses is necessary. Yet, too much of this routine can lead to more harm Gentle combing is advised twice daily. Do not use brush for wet hair. It is very vulnerable at this stage and liable to splitting. Whenever possible, avoid the use of curlers, blow dryers and or flat irons. Frequent hair dyeing is not advisable because the chemicals are strong and injurious. This is what hair salon Mississauga describes as natural care.


Eat a nourishing diet. This type of regimen that strengthens hair follicles includes the following:

  • Eggs, milk and other dairy products
  • Fish
  • Grains and legumes
  • Veggies with dark-colored leaves
  • Nuts


Insufficient intake of vitamins like iron and minerals also leads to hair loss especially among women. Stay away from harsh diets and losing too much weight because these were found out to produce significant deterioration of the hair.


Try hair spa Mississauga since spa treatments don’t only revitalize hair but eliminate dust as well as other pollutants as well. The hair becomes stronger and fresh as the procedure calls for massaging with the use of a special kind of shampoo. It cleans the scalp pores and nurtures follicles or sacs. Spa procedures also make the hair bouncy.


With hair spa Mississauga, the oil rub down helps reduce if not totally get rid of dry scalp which is one of the major causes of dandruff. It enhances circulation of blood within the scalp and regulates secretion of oil. Thus, the hair gets back its luster and becomes hydrated as it should be. Hair experts say this is an effective anti-aging scalp therapy considering that the treatment stimulates your skin through balanced discharge of the sebum.


It is a technique for deep conditioning that generates hair growth. Women with dull locks should try hair spa Mississauga for cleansing and reap the benefits of smooth and silky hair. Last but not least smile and avoid getting worried or anxious. Stress is one of the main reasons for hair damage and loss among the female sex.



Kids Cut $15.00 -$18.00​
Men’s Cut $15.00-$25.00
Ladies cuts $25.00 & up
Blowdry $25.00 & up
Wash & Style $30.00 & up
Cut & Style $35.00 & up
Wash,Cut & Style $45.00 & up
Curls $45.00 ​& up
Temporary Straightening $30.00 & up​
Protein treatment / Mask $25.00 & up
Protein Treatment $25.00 & up
Head Oil Massage $40.00 (30:00 Min)
Updo (Consultation) $45.00 & up


Extra charges for Long or Thick hair.